A week of sorrow

So much sorrow
One could even borrow…some of this sorrow

In a week my heart has felt so weak
First my child who was but never met this world never to know boy or a girl

To fill the void has been a lock connected to a block of rock, that has tried to pull me down to the pits of hell looking for a bell to ring something to sing to bring sound to my pain, morbid and hollow like my womb

Look out here comes more doom

With a phone call and a Facebook post I find here another ghost

My cousin gone in the blink of an eye
No time to say goodbye

Tears flow freely

Thinking about your children your wife
Thinking about you laying on ice

This was my week of sorrow

Please go ahead borrow

I don’t wish you this dread

I just want it all out of my heart and head.


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