Lying in bed after along day being in my head

I’ve worked myself up aching for a fuck

Sexually charged up by music 

I should have been listening to something much more soothing

Audio play back is definitely a gift Rihanna cooing like a cat singing about hitting it from the back

Then and there out of thin air my body moves and shakes like someone is playing with my ache

There’s no one there yet I can not stop the pulsing

Spontaneous combustion 

Someone playing with me like a puppet strings directly linked to my pelvis 

Uncontrollable are my hands they being to dance 

Playing in the waters of the ocean splashing causing much commotion

Erotic are the images flashing in my inner vision

A face not unknown to me 

I ponder the power that this must take to send spirit to me

To reach so far, to long so hard, that through the ether I can feel your want, your need, your obsession, your need for my physical possession


Fetal the most understood
Helix  life’s most complex
Gravity everyone’s enemy
Spinal wave of balance
Woman the sexiest of curves
Hairpin turns, nightmare or biggest thrill
Corkscrew/Spiral girlish locks or a wine bottles favorite key
Orb the sun, the moon, the beautiful eyes looking back
Extreme like…

Times like these are when you push back

Arch, fight to straighten

Weight like global pressure

Shoulders rounded by the days task

Wanting to stand tall like a ships mast

Familiar feelings

It must be the change in the weather
Maybe even the surge of a right of passage, either way, the feeling leaves me breathless

The stirring in my loins
The need nearly carnial, the way your body craves iron
Yummy steak
Ooh the ache

I would nearly consider myself a nympho, if only I didn’t practice such discipline in denial of self, if nothing else

I deny myself sexual gratification
Until there’s nothing but my primitive self

Musical interlude

Seduction is truly you’re state of mind

Tonight it is found in sound

Eyes on fire, blue foundation

Blaring from my phone

Blood surging through my veins looking at my man like an appetizer after a long fast, praying tonight he makes it last

Feeling in sync

Not wanting to blink, wanting to ride the wave, loving rushing memories, breathing in the musk

Deftones in my ears brimming with lust

The tiny metamorphosis that is the carnial change that is us