When Venus meets Jupiter

Your touch is like Jupiter going direct 12 years of slave now set free to be in full glory

Reflective I have become as now fully visible from all sides no longer can I hid

A luminary delight in my own rite for I am Venus

We are love and light made real

Expansive energetic shift, poles coming into alignment. The perfect climate

Second chance to do puberty right, sex kitten purring to you all night

Wrapped-coiled around you squeezing forth a new generation Captivatingly penetrating

The effect after a solar eclipse, surely you were missed like the rays and warmth of the sun, for you I’ve become undone


My vows to you

Beyond mortal vision I see you, the you, you show no one else, I shall protect

I vow to cherish and nurture that person, so prized and valued

I vow beyond love and life

I vow to balance and equal yoke

I vow to be there through moral strife and incarnation

I will be there with you even in salvation

To halves of the same apple split for a purpose

Divine was this task to find each other to make a new class, a new breed, we are 5D

We vowed this to one another love long before we showed up this round my darling we are bound and binded to love everlasting

That is both reward and choice

I vow to stay the course

Espying you espying me

My love my do you stay away

You’d rather watch me from afar sitting there in your car

A little creepy extremely sneaky

You rather ponder my activities instead appearing real to me

I feel you presence, your excitement floats to me through the air

Do you duck down when I start to espy you?

Do you back up and pull away? Or, does it thrill you that you’re nearly caught?

Does it cross your mind the how and why the reason I look when your there

Approach if you dare

Dirty Love

Boundaries, what boundaries?

His need to control my whole person there in his bed

Total control I must relent yielding to his need my need our wanton desires

I must admit I like it, submission to a worthy match

Gentle power, benevolent dictator, my lover

Private and sexy, longing for these moments

Being water is the only way

Flowing with this dry river bed to see where we head

Usually leading us to his bed

We shall replenish the desert, making her bloom ending the dry season

Jekyll and Hyde I see deep into your eyes dare I say…

Cold by day tender by night

I will love you through all you’ve been through

Together we will move mountains you will see

Slowly we will be

While you slept

While you slept, I crept away

While you slept, I changed the locks

While you slept, I changed my clock

I reset it to me, my own time

Once you finally awoke, you heard the silence

You felt the cold, you felt the removal of my presence, the absence of my love

Finally vacant, like the relationship you slept on

While you slept I took back the key you had to my heart

I put it safely where it belongs

In a place where you can do no harm

Back in my own loving arms

I left yours on your nightstand next to the ashtray and the Magnums and the pipe dreams tried to sell me